Friday, 23 January 2015

Ollie our new "borador" dog

Ollie came into our life only 3 weeks ago and he is Borador what means Border Collie Labrador cross. He had two owners before us and is only 7 months old.
I found the word Borador on the internet and had never heard of the word before, so it was interesting to read about this mix of the two dogs.
Ollie has more traits of a Border Collie then Labrador, he moves like a Border Collie and eyes his toys or moving objects in front of him.
Ollie is a very quick learner and works out things for himself without commands.
He looks at my face and reads my body language more then any other dog I had before him, Phoebe my beloved Kelpie did this as well, but in another way.
I feel like Ollie is really trying to work out what I am going to do next and he doesn't forget.
Two days ago I took him for a walk with his favourite tennis ball and he dropped the ball into long grass so I couldn't find the tennis ball back, the next day Ollie went over to the same patch of long grass and wanted to drop the new tennis ball into the grass again just as a game, but luckily I could save this ball.
I am reading this amazing book: "The divinity of dogs" by Jennifer Skiff about how dogs can come into our lives for a reason.
At the moment I having a difficult time with my health and the last 5 weeks have not been easy. I am trying to cope with anxiety and other issues going on in my body, sometimes this makes me feel down and not coping very well.
When I am walking and I feel dizzy, Ollie comes and walks right beside me, he doesn't pull the lead, but reassures me with his presence. I have never taught him this, Ollie just reads my body language.
Every morning he comes into my bedroom and he nuzzles my face to wake me up, to say hello I am here, a new day has started.
I am sure Ollie came at the right time into my life.