Sunday, 27 November 2016

Our Cottage, Earthquakes, Mosaic

Only two Sundays ago at twelve at night we had a big earthquake again in the South Island of New Zealand. It was a 7.8 and our cottage shook and moved and we held onto the door post of the bedroom.
It is a very frightening experience and because we went through the Christchurch earthquakes six years ago a lot of memories flooded back.
In Kaikoura on the East coast of the South Island there is a lot of damage and big slips and rock falls and no way to get in or out of  town.
It will take months or longer to get this tourist town back to some normality and I feel for the people living through this disaster, I really knows what it is like.
 For months I have been working on my mosaic around our fireplace, it resembles our fishpond and it took so long to finish, because I had many other jobs to do.
During the earthquake, the first thing that went through my head " O no, I hope my mosaic won't break, I just got it done".
Isn't it silly, like my mosaic is so important! Maybe that is how the brain works in a threatening event, thinking of something irrelevant as a way to cope.

 The next morning in daylight Henk checked the cottage and we only have a few cracks and no damage and when I walked around the garden I felt really blessed to live here.
We have no mansion and our cottage feels sometimes a bit small, but we have so much to be thankful for.
Fish pond

Our cottage

The cabin in the front

Garden beds

a new vegetable patch

Ollie and the view over the hopfields
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  1. Glad you OK after that shaking.did think of you up there when it happened. Gosh your place looks amazing. You have been busy.

  2. Oh I feel so sorry for you and I can well imagine how frightening this experience can be. I have experienced an earthquake a few years ago in Italy but it was not as strong as your's. It's great to see your beautiful mosaic undamaged and I love the pictures you took of your adorable cottage.

  3. That does sound frightening. I know what you mean about going through something once and then if it happens again.... feelings and memories come flooding back.
    It all looks lovely and i am glad your mosaic is ok.

  4. Glad you survived the frightening earthquake along with your beautiful mosaic!

  5. I'm glad to hear there was only a few cracks and no damage from the earthquake. Your mosaic is beautiful and I can understand why you would have thought about it during the quake. Marijke, it looks like you live in an idyllic place. I would LOVE to live in a small cottage...that is a dream of mine. :)

  6. Your mosaic is beautiful. After all the work, I'm not surprised you thought of it right away. Glad you had no major damage. I'm with Serena, your cottage and garden looks idyllic.

  7. That's so scary about the earthquakes!! I do love your mosaic, really beautiful.


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