Monday, 26 January 2009

Water colour play

A few weeks ago our' once a month breakfast girls' came together and we had a creative morning painting with water colour and of course lots of nice food and coffee.

We have not finished our paintings,but only done the first layers and just had fun with colours.

We promised to work on the paintings in our own spare time {When??] and take the results with us to our next get together on my birthday 14 February.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

mixed medium quilt

I add a few more photograhs of the process making the little quilt.

mixed medium quilt finished

I have finished one of the mixed media quilts and still working on another one.

Also making a variety of button necklaces for my work shops coming up at Hands,craft shop in Christchurch and to sell on my monthly market stall in Sumner,Christchurch.

When all the preparation is finished for workshops and my work at the community trust Supergrans were I teach three days a week I can do a bit on the portrait I am already started on a few months ago.

I have always unfinished projects waiting for me.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

making a paper quilt

My holidays are nearly over and I will start work again next week.
In New Zealand we are having summer, last week we had temperatures of 40 celsius for a few days!
I always like to paint or do anything creative when I have a moment spare and I mostly work in oils,acrylics and watercolour.
The watercolour is good when I like to paint on location or for quick sketches.
Last week I started with a mixed medium painting and I only wanted to use watercolour,but ended up sticking images down and started to embroider and embellish with beads and buttons.
Now the painting is turning into a paper quilt and I will use a wooden coathanger to hang the painting instead of a frameI also want to paint and decorate the coat hanger.

It is great working with vintage fabrics and to recycle materials.

I take some photographs and add this to my blog.
The pencil drawing is of my beautiful daughter Rachel.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The dog Phoebe

I like you to meet my great friend Phoebe.

She is 8 years old and she has been very loyal to me and has a great sense of humor!

In Australia were her family came from she would have lived on a farm and would have worked hard,but living with me is very relaxed and a lot of hanging out. The good life.

The family loves her to bits and I would like you to meet her.


I have not had a blog ever before and totally new to the process of blogging.
This is a good thing tho for the New Year to start my own blog,because exiting things are going to happen in my life!
Not only on creative level,but also on a personal level.
So this is a good time to start a blog about this new journey.