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Friday, 10 November 2017

the peace dove

Yesterday I went with my dog Ollie and my craft supplies to the rest home and hospital for the elderly.
I am visiting every week with Ollie, he is trained as a therapy dog.
 I write about his adventures on my other blog:
Twice a month I teach some art or craft at the hospital or dementia ward, while Ollie keeps an eye on the residents and goes for pats and cuddles. When he gets tired, he disappears under the piano and sleeps.
Decorating with glitter
 This time some of the elderly made paper doves for the Christmas displays.
I prepared the patterns of the doves at home and brought enough glitter, paper doilies, stamps to decorate the doves and then they got cut out and assembled.
 It was lovely to see staff and residents really enjoying the craft activity.
The elderly who couldn't participate were still part by watching us working.

Nearly ready to assemble.

When I got home with a tired Ollie dog and after putting my craft supplies away I picked the first bunch of roses and jasmine out of my garden. Summer is nearly there.

Friday, 3 November 2017

More botanical drawings

This week I finished my drawings of the Plantain plant and Calendula flowers.
I dyed the water colour paper with teabags to create a vintage look.
Both plants I use in my Plantain Calendula balm for itchy skin and insect bites.
I have been making this balm for about half a year now and got really good feedback from people who bought the balm and how it really works for them.
I use the balm after working in the garden when I end up with itchy rashes from pulling weeds and long grass. Plantain a plant growing in most gardens and paddocks is amazing to reduce swelling and itchiness, a bit like  the aloe vera plant for burns.                                                 
A local shop in Mapua is selling my balm for $12

Yesterday I went to the Copy Art shop in Richmond and asked if they can print greeting gift cards and labels from my botanical drawings.
I hope they will be ready for the Mapua makers market.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Botanical drawings

On the 3rd of December I am part of the Mapua Makers market and I will sell my Plantain Calendula Balms for itchy skin and insect bites, also a natural insect repellent and a face/body cream for mature skin.
 I like to draw botanical pictures for labels to attach to the products and also to decorate my stall.
I really want to make my stall attractive and personal,so working hard to get all the illustrations finished and printed on time.