Thursday, 15 January 2009

making a paper quilt

My holidays are nearly over and I will start work again next week.
In New Zealand we are having summer, last week we had temperatures of 40 celsius for a few days!
I always like to paint or do anything creative when I have a moment spare and I mostly work in oils,acrylics and watercolour.
The watercolour is good when I like to paint on location or for quick sketches.
Last week I started with a mixed medium painting and I only wanted to use watercolour,but ended up sticking images down and started to embroider and embellish with beads and buttons.
Now the painting is turning into a paper quilt and I will use a wooden coathanger to hang the painting instead of a frameI also want to paint and decorate the coat hanger.

It is great working with vintage fabrics and to recycle materials.

I take some photographs and add this to my blog.
The pencil drawing is of my beautiful daughter Rachel.

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