Friday, 17 July 2009

Cambodia like a picture book

We arrived in Cambodia and when I looked out the window of the plane to Phnom Penh it was looking like into a picture book of an unknown world; a feeling of what is this going to be? Can the plane please turn around?
But this was real and happening.
The first experience was with Customs, where the visa cost us $20. My passport went past a row of custom officers and I never got my change back from the $50 I gave to the first one! I paid for both of us,so I lost only $10. Later that day I heard that this happens a lot to tourists coming in. So be aware..
The last two days have been a roller coaster of emotions: from amazing to sad, fear of the unknown, gratitude to be here, anything you can feel stepping into this country.
We had two amazing days so far and visited many places with help of our English speaking driver Sok, a genuinly lovely and helpful man. We visited the palace and national museum, but also the killings fields.
I will write more about this later, have to go now, we are leaving for Wat Opot in an hour and I have to pack my bag!
hope to write later and show some photographs.

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