Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The next Shabby Chic Course: distressing furniture

The next Shabby chic course started and with ten ladies working on different pieces it will be exciting to see what the results will be.
The first night is about distressing furniture and layering paint.
The sanding is the hardest part, but after cleaning the furniture with a soft rag, the painting can start.
A candle is used to rub onto the edges of the furniture, because the wax will resist the paint and the top layer can be easier sanded down.
Many layers of paint can be applied this way and each time candle wax can be applied and the paint sanded back to reveal the colour underneath.
One of the ladies is going to paint her bathroom cabinet this way and she started with blue, next green and she likes to apply two more colours.
Exciting to see that bright colours are used, Shabby Chic doesn't always has to be in cream and white.

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