Thursday, 7 November 2013

Shabby Chic Frames

This week is a week of workshops at home. My open studio weekend as part of the Ruby Coast Art week  was success full, I sold well and had interest in my workshops of mosaic, shabby chic and jewellery making.
I really enjoy running workshops from home, because of my studio size I can only have three people max,but all my materials and equipment is in my studio and we always have a coffee break with cake of course.

Yesterday we did Shabby Chic Frames with home made chalk paints.
I like to use baking soda and plaster of paris, easy to buy at any hardware store and supermarket.
The baking soda is mixed with water and then acrylic paint is added:     6 teaspoons of baking soda.
The plaster of paris is mixed with water and then acrylic paint is added: 3 teaspoons of plaster.

I only mix enough for a frame. The consistency should be like cream and when I add the paint I stir well.
The baking soda chalk paint is gritty when applied, but can be sanded back to a smooth surface and I really like the effect of the baking soda, it gives the look of lime washed wood.
The plaster paint is chalky and had a mat finish and not easy to sand back, very durable.
I like to rub a candle on the surface first before applying the plaster paint for easier sanding.

Many different layers of paint can be applied and each layer sanded back to reveal the colour underneath.
The ladies enjoyed the workshop and have already ideas to give pieces of furniture a new make over.

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