Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Bird nests made from Cabbage Tree leaves.

Close up with a decoupaged egg in the shabby chic nest

This coming Thursday I am part of organizing a morning tea for the elderly in our village and because Easter is this weekend I like to have some different Easter decorations on the tables.
All the visitors will get a little Easter gift bag with chocolate eggs  from my friend Jean volunteering as the Easter Bunny.
In New Zealand the Cabbage tree is part of the New Zealand landscape and a native tree.
Also many gardens have Cabbage Trees, my garden has the cultivated smaller Cabbage trees.
The leaves are tough and the tree sheds its leaves and often those are dried up and also great to use as a fire lighter to start the wood burner.
The small wreaths made from Cabbage Tree leaves
 I collected some leaves and wove those into small wreaths. I used a spray can to spray the wreaths gold.
Coloured feathers.

 Next I glued coloured feathers onto the wreath with a hot glue gun.
The bottom of the birds nest.
 I cut some Cabbage Tree Leaves into smaller bits and used the hot glue gun to create the bottom of the birds nest and decorated the back of the nest with more feathers.
The coloured eggs glued into the nest with a glue gun
 From our local "two dollar" shop I bought plastic small Easter eggs and glued those into the nests.
I left some space in each nest so I can fill them with little chocolate eggs and the morning tea party can eat and talk and drink tea of course.
A variety of birds nests
 A variety of pretty coloured Easter decorations for on the tables and so easy to make.
Instead of Cabbage Tree leaves any tough strong leaves can be used from a variety of trees.
I like to use what is handy in my garden.

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