Thursday, 31 July 2014

wreaths made from grapevine cuttings

This year I worked in the local vineyard helping with thinning of the vines, leaf picking and the harvest.
I love the look of grapevine wreaths and I asked if I could have some cuttings in Autumn to make my own wreaths.
Last week I picked up some cuttings, but because it is late in the season and the pruning of the vines is nearly finished, the cuttings are dry and brittle.
So I soaked the branches in the bath for nearly two days.

Finished wreath

The soaking of the cuttings and a brick holds them down.

The start of the wreath.
 I used a long branch and carefully shaped this into a circle, with a little copper wire I tied the bottom of the wreath together.
 Next I wove the branches in and out around the first circle and luckily because of the soaking in the bath, the cuttings were pliable enough to bend.
More finished wreaths.
 I try to leave the tendrils on the cuttings and also some dried up grapes, this gives more texture to the wreath. I like the rustic handmade look, so much more interesting then the mass produced wreaths.
And made from cuttings from a local vineyard!
Maybe I will spray some white and turn them into shabby chic wreaths.
I will use the left over branches to make stars and hearts for Christmas.
In September I am part of the Shabby Chic market and they will look great on my stall.
The vineyard were I worked and one of the bottle of wines from the vineyard

Just before the thinning of the vines.

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