Friday, 21 November 2014

Recipe for Elder flower Cordial

To my wonderful surprise I found a big Elderberry tree in the paddock and we moved into our cottage just in time to see the tree coming into flower. I have made elder flower cordial in the past and followed a recipe given to me by a friend.
The recipe is very common; the elder flowers are steeped in sugar water with lemon and citric acid for 24 hours.
This recipe works well, but I find the sugar water with the elder flowers a bit sticky to pour through the muslin cloth, so I have changed the recipe to make the process less 'sticky', but with the same result.
Two big bottles of elder flower cordial
The recipe is as follow:
After picking about 10 to 15 elder flower heads I soak the flowers in water and rinse well to get rid of little insects.
Next I leave the elder flowers to steepe in a bowl with 1 liter of water, one sliced lemon and 25 grams of citric acid for 24 hours.
I buy the citric acid in the supermarket and this is to preserve the cordial.
Elder flowers on the tree
After 24 hours I pour  the water with the elder flowers and lemon through a muslin cloth into a cooking pot and squeeze the flowers to get all the liquid into the pot.
Basket full of elder flowers

washing the flowers

The elder flowers steeping with lemon

Adding sugar
I heat the elder flower liquid on the stove and when boiling add 500 grams of castor sugar and stir till dissolved. I like to sterilize my bottles by pouring boiling water into the bottles and rinsing, then I leave the bottles and lids in the oven heated to 50 degrees Celsius for half hour.
I pour the hot elder flower cordial into the sterilized bottles and screw the lids on tight.
This cordial is not over sweet, but very refreshing with soda water or can be used in baking.
My elder flower tree in the paddock


  1. Yummie Marijke, all we need is a hot summer night sitting on your deck with views and sip on a glass of cool elder flower cordial!! Cheers......Karin

  2. Yip, I will give you a bottle, it is the nicest drink when it is hot!


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