Monday, 25 May 2015

Creative again

After two weeks at home I start to feel well enough to be creative again.
Slowly my energy levels are returning and I feel I can do a little bit more each day.
Most afternoons I am very tired, so I do some spinning or painting.
My friend Ruth lend me her mothers spinning wheel and I bought some carded fleece at Eyebright near Richmond,also Ruth left me some carded wool to spin. 
The last spinning I did was nearly two years ago, so it took me an afternoon to get into the swing of spinning again.
I hope to spin every day and use the wool for my knitting.
Paul is the next person I am knitting winter slippers for and Jean my friend put an order in for a pair of slippers.
My paintings are simple, watercolour images of every day items, mostly from my garden.
I use recycled paper and small pieces of watercolour paper for the cards.

I found the birds nest without the egg.
Henk is going back to work this week after nearly three months looking after me and being with me during my cancer treatment.
I won't be able to work for a while, so we have to live of one income what will not be easy.
The only way I can earn some extra money is through my creativity and I hope to be able to sell my little painted cards and hand spun knitted slippers through my blog and face book.
Another birdsnest card

Pumpkin from the garden.

Another pumpkin card.

Olives from the olive tree in the garden.
The cards cost $ 5 not including postage.
The hand-spun knitted slippers cost $ 25 not including postage.
I am selling my cards on trade me under crafts: Greeting cards and envelopes  in "other" catagory.

I will post some more information about the slippers in my next blog post.

Email me: if you are interested in my cards.

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