Friday, 3 November 2017

More botanical drawings

This week I finished my drawings of the Plantain plant and Calendula flowers.
I dyed the water colour paper with teabags to create a vintage look.
Both plants I use in my Plantain Calendula balm for itchy skin and insect bites.
I have been making this balm for about half a year now and got really good feedback from people who bought the balm and how it really works for them.
I use the balm after working in the garden when I end up with itchy rashes from pulling weeds and long grass. Plantain a plant growing in most gardens and paddocks is amazing to reduce swelling and itchiness, a bit like  the aloe vera plant for burns.                                                 
A local shop in Mapua is selling my balm for $12

Yesterday I went to the Copy Art shop in Richmond and asked if they can print greeting gift cards and labels from my botanical drawings.
I hope they will be ready for the Mapua makers market.


  1. Well done with your drawings Marijke, they're beautiful. You've achieved the vintage look very successfully too. They will make charming labels and lovely gift cards. Your balm sounds very soothing. Best wishes with everything you're planning to do. Cheers and Happy PPF!

  2. Congratulation on your herb sales. Nice artwork.Happy PPF


  3. Love the exquisite details of your botanicals-really beautiful. Happy PPF!

  4. How innovative to create not only a piece of art but a balm! Happy PPF!
    ~~ Irene

  5. beautiful plant drawings again for your etiquette!

  6. Gorgeous floral art , so elegant and so beautifully done!I love all things botanical and this is fabulous. I love that you used the teabags for that vintage feel! Wonderful work!
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #17


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