Saturday, 21 February 2009

chickens and art

My adopted chickens are a picture of health! I got them about half a year ago for $9 each and rescued from a battery where the girls would had a life of living cramped in cages and not able to stratch the soil,have a dust bath or even enjoy the rain on their feathers.
When I got the three sisters,they where nearly naked with hardly any feathers,bare bums [not sexy!] and in a miserable state.
The first night I had to help them up the plank into the night shelter and into the straw.
One of the girls could only walk three steps forward and three back for the first day,never done anything else!
After good food,even a bit of dog roll for protein and lots of fresh air and love the sisters started to lay three beautiful brown eggs a day to say thank you.
Even my most cynical friends have to admit that ex battery hens can produce eggs and that the eggs taste good! "They will never lay an egg again,the chooks had it!"
I prove now with the photographs that it is worth to rescue battery hens, I have got three great girls to look after.

I am still working on my big portrait painting Annelise,time is not always on my hands.
Hopefully I get it done before going to Cambodia and can auction or sell the painting for fund raising.

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  1. It looks really good!! You're such a brilliant artist Marijke! See you next week... <3 :)


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