Friday, 6 February 2009

Wat Opot Cambodia

This year part July and August I am going to visit and work in Wat Opot Community,Cambodia together with Fiona.

Wat Opot is an orphanage for children and their families affected by HIV and Aids.

Wat Opot is about 50km from Phnom Penh.

Fiona and myself are hoping to teach the children and young adults basic jewellery skills like braiding,weaving with beads,making simple but funky jewellery.

The jewellery made can be sold for extra income for the children and community.

I am very excited and also a bit nervous to go to Cambodia,but what an experience.

I am serious going to do fundraising to take as much supplies as possible and to pay for my trip and hopefully extra funds for Wat Opot.

Visit and have a look at the beautiful photographs and read their stories.

I also love to do some art activities with the children just having fun with colours!

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