Friday, 5 June 2009

little blessings for Cambodia

The brunch at Vanessa,a lovely morning!

Only five weeks to go and Fiona and myself are on our way to Cambodia to work at the Wat Opot Community,time is going so fast now and still lots to organize and think about.
The last few weeks so many little blessings are happening towards my trip and raising the money for all the expenses and extras we want to take with us.
One of the ladies from my button necklace making class at Hands craft shop paid for a craft punch I still needed to pay because she was inspired by my coming trip to Cambodia.
One morning I got a phone call from Cynthia,a lady from Sumner card making group,she received $100 back from the tax department and she likes to donate this money towards my trip.
Rachel organized that the fundraising money from the Avonmore Tertiary Academy mufti day goes towards my trip to Cambodia. The staff gives a gold coin towards a charity of their choice on the mufti day and this time Rachel inspired them to donate the money towards the trip and work in Cambodia. Also some of the students donated money towards the trip as well.
Tomorrow morning Vanessa Taylor,my friend is organizing a ladies brunch at her house to fund raise for our trip and all the ladies pay $10 for the brunch and the money goes towards all our medical supplies we need to take with us and what we don't need ourselves during our time there we will leave behind at Wat Opot.
I need to take extra malaria medication because I am allergic to the common malaria preventative tablets and one of those strips cost around $90.
I must have spend around $400 on all vaccinations and need to get more medical supplies from my doctor for our trip.
On trade me I put 100 coloured pencils and also oil pastels on my watch list I would like to take for the children and maybe some New Zealand colour in books or stickers.
I am getting excited to share all this with the children,but most of all just the experience of being there and sharing their life at Wat Opot for 6 weeks is such a gift and blessing to myself and Fiona.

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