Saturday, 27 June 2009

Looking up at the mountain.

A while ago I found my little travelling book from 10 years ago. The family did a bit of tramping then and I took it with me to write down my thoughts on the way and do little sketches of the surroundings.
I still do this now and fill little notebooks with writing and sketches when I am travelling and will do again when going to Cambodia in two weeks time. I already bought a lovely little book with a blank page on the left side and a lined page on the right side when opening the book.
The last few weeks so many more little blessings have happened and lovely friends have donated money towards my trip to Cambodia.
Two old friends Jo and Jean gave me both a generous amount tucked in lovely cards with their good wishes,so unexpected. I feel really blessed by their friendship.

When I was reading my thoughts of ten years ago written at the foot of glorious Mount Cook I like to share these thoughts,because again they will follow me as a prayer to Cambodia.

Mount Cook 24.5.1999

It is a sunny and warm morning and I look at the mountains.
Not everyone of the family is happy this morning,the night was not as comfortable as we had hoped for.

But the mountains look glorious and the river runs deep through the valley of peace.

Would it not be wonderful to just have peace and harmony in our life and not be afraid of the storms,because we can stand still and strong as the mountain.

Our daily struggle and anger will just pass as clouds drifting away from the mountain top and we accept and live the passage of time given to us.
We are here only once! This time will never come again.

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