Sunday, 3 January 2010

A new year ahead!

The beginning of 2010!
Looking back and looking ahead, I could never have thought that 2009 would change my life around.
My travel to Cambodia and stay at Wat Opot in the Takeo province stretches beyond 2009 into 2010.
I spend only 5 weeks with the children and adults at Wat Opot,but they had such an impact on my life that Henk and I are going back in a few months to live and work in this amazing community.
We have quit our jobs, not an easy thing to do in this time of recession and we will put most of our our savings towards our travel and stay in Cambodia.
We will be working as volunteers so we have to sustain ourselves.
People around us say either that we are crazy or that they would like to have the guts to do such a thing themselves and admire us.
I don't think we are super brave or super crazy, maybe a little bit of both...I think sometimes in your life you come to a point where you know the time is just right and everything is pointing in one direction and things are falling into place as if it had to be that way.
I call it faith, someone else will call it destiny, but I believe we all have a Divine plan for our life.
The only thing that holds us back is fear and fear can be one or many little or big demons and the source of missing out on a lot of happiness and joy.
Little things can trickle into becoming big things; through an art exhibition I held at Stoddart Cottage in Diamond Harbour I met Fiona and this meeting was the beginning of my life changing travels to Cambodia.

Little ripples from the heart turn into big ripples extending out beyond our own imagination.
Last month I received a small savings piggy bank, full of ten cent coins saved over many weeks by someone who himself has not a lot of money to spare, but nevertheless liked to give to people less fortunate then himself.
This gift touched my heart, because I know that even the smallest gift is big enough to make a difference.

2010 will be a year of change and a year of faith and of living day by day and of letting the ripples of my life take me where ever I am meant to go.

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