Saturday, 24 April 2010

Keep on going

Now nearly two months in Cambodia and so much has happened in such a short time.
We have been for a week in Phnom Penh staying with Maureen and Gerald Harley and having some time to rest and sleeping in aircon,what is very nice after the hot temperatures in the village.
Maureen and Gerald are lovely people and we enjoy their company and great hospitality.
Henk is battling with cramps in his leg at night and wakes up to take medication to avoid spasms in his leg,so sleeping is not very restful.
I developed a sort of rash on the back of my hands and don't know what this is,but very itchy so now and then.
We have been working for Ruth Elliot who runs " Daughters",an organisation working with girls and boys rescued out of prostitution.
I have been teaching basic jewellery making skills and Henk has done some training in hospitality.
Ruth is opening a new cafe very soon and has already opened a beautiful gift shop with clothing, bags and fashion items and jewellery made by the girls.
The jewellery is the best seller and from next week the girls will use the skills learned this week to make jewellery for the shop.
I loved working with the girls,they are so creative and after showing them the techniques I let them work out their own designs and I loved the ways the girls worked together and it was such a blessing for me to see their zest for life and their joy in creating.

Just before we left Wat Opot to go to Phnom Penh little Ann Marie was brought to the community.
Her mother died of AIDS and Ann Marie is premature and looked very sick when she came.
We were all very worried for her, I have never seen such a small baby and in New Zealand she would be in an incubator with specialised care.
I fell in love with her from the moment I held her, she came wrapped in an old towel and a Cambodian scarf.
We prayed for her, I think many people did,and two days later Joe arrived, a volunteer from Zurich, Switzerland and he is a ICU nurse specialised in working with premature babies.
Joe looked after Ann Marie, weighed her, she weighed only 1600 grams, washed her and showed the care giver how to feed Ann Marie and look after her.
Ann Marie is a little fighter and she has gained 200 grams since we are in Phnom Penh.
I think God works miracles in the most unusual ways!


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