Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our dog

Our Kelpie dog Phoebe lived till she was 13 years old and the photographs of her in this bog post are from her when she was 12 years old.
She passed away just before Christmas and we missed her so much during the Christmas time, because she was such a part of our family for so long and she had a gentle loving nature.
Kelpies are intelligent dogs and Phoebe had many ways of telling you how she felt and also who she liked or not liked.
She loved my old neighbours who made a fuss of her and sometimes she would sneak of from our property and went  to visit the neighbours for a treat. Often she ended up sleeping under their table or on their front porch and my neighbour phoned to tell me were Phoebe spend her afternoon.
When they moved and new people lived next door, she quickly realized  they were not given her treats, so she stayed home.
Only to discover that the old neighbours visited people across the road, so Phoebe recognized the sound of the car and of she went to visit them across the road. Luckily we live in a quiet cul de sac with not a lot of traffic.
I think she will always be a part of our life,we miss her heaps and the company of a great dog.
Slowly we are looking for a new dog, will it be a puppy again or a rescue dog.
We hope Phoebe will give us a little sign from dog heaven, who knows, to make the right choice.

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