Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Living in the country, a day at the country fair

 This time of the year, October till December there are a lot of school fairs and country markets.
On Saturday Henk and I went to the Ngatimoti school fair not far from were we live.
The Ngatimoti school organizes this fair every year as a fund raising event and it is really successful.
On the way to the fair scarecrows were pointing us in the right direction, so we could't get lost.
I love country fairs, it is such a  part of the New Zealand culture and everyone is relaxed and families enjoy themselves.
One of the scare crows on the fair.
Of course there are always animals to admire and especially for the children.
But I must say, I love them too!
This little piglet was still bottle fed and so adorable!
So cute!

A pony with a pony tail!

Old fashioned toffee apples
Walking past all the stalls is enjoyable and to find the old fashioned toffee apples, very sweet, but a country treat and home baked cakes in different flavours and sizes.
Hard work!
The wood chopping and sheep shearing are always part of a country fair and we admired the wood chopper, not that young anymore, but coming second chopping through the log.
Very Kiwi!
I  loved the wool shed, very unique! We watched the sheep shearing and the fleece  of the Perindale sheep is a heavy fleece, but fine wool.
shearing in action
The Morris dancers were entertaining to watch. Morris dancing is an English folk dancing using sticks and wearing bell pads on the dancers shins. One of the dancers explained that during the Reformation in England this dancing was forbidden and if dancers were caught they could be hanged.
Mmmm, not a nice ending after a dance party!
Morris dancers
We had a nice morning at the Country fair and in the afternoon back to painting walls in the cottage.
No rest for the wicked!


  1. Lief het biggetje. Schaapscheren ken ik van de serie McLeod daughters. Ik ben gek op die serie. Lijkt Nw. Zeeland op Australië? Domme vraag natuurlijk, want het zijn zulke grote landen met zo'n variëteit aan natuurschoon. Ik geloof dat Nw. Zeeland geen laagland heeft? Of heb ik het mis? Zo'n fair lijkt me heel erg leuk.

  2. Australia is veel groter dan Nieuw Zeeland en Austalia is veel heter in klimaat. Nieuw Zeeland heeft een gematigd klimaat, zoals Frankrijk met veel bergen en meren, omringd door de Tasman Zee aan een kant en de ocean aan de andere kant. We hebben ook geen giftige dieren zoals in Austalia, maar de culturen lijken veel op elkaar. Allebei jonge landen vergeleken met Europa. Ja,de country fairs zijn heel leuk, dit weekend is er een school fair in het dorp, ga ik ook bezoeken.


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