Wednesday, 8 October 2014

'Super food' Dutch curly kale recipe

Its a funny idea that suddenly Curly Kale becomes a "super food" while growing up I have consumed Curly Kale since  I was a toddler and I am now 58 years old.
Curly Kale or called "boeren kool" translated "farmers cabbage", don't know why, is a staple food during winter time in the Netherlands.
The winters can be long and cold and not much grows in the bare soil over winter except curly kale and endive, also one of the healthy foods.
Curly Kale is packed with vitamin C and other goodies, so we eat this vegetable a lot during winter mashed raw with potatoes and bacon.
Isn't it great that my parents not only grew their own vegetables but also fed me this "super food" and they didn't knew then how much we now crave for all this amazing food been around for years.

Curly Kale growing in my garden bed
After picking the curly kale from the garden I mostly soak the leaves in cold salty water for a while, most bugs,like little snails, hate salty water so they pop up to the surface and I can get rid of unwanted extras. I don't spray, I rather put up with little bugs then chemicals on my vegetables.

Soaking in salty water to get the bugs out.
The winter in the Netherlands is cold and mostly this dish is served with extra protein, like sausages and bacon.
Frying the sausages and bacon.
 The bacon and the very fine cut raw Curly Kale are mashed through the cooked potatoes.

Steamed Curly Kale.
 My Curly Kale has been in the garden since autumn, because the flavour really intensifies and the leaves can get a bit tough, I steam the leaves for 3 min to soften. Also I remove the stalks.
Then I  mash the Curly Kale and bacon through potatoes and serve with sausages and applesauce. Yummy!
A plate with yummy food.


  1. Boerenkool, de tijd komt bijna weer. Zo lekker. En leuk om erover te lezen als ""Curly Kale "" En nog leuker, uit je eigen tuin. In Nieuw Zeeland!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ja, boerenkool wordt in N.Z. een super food genoemd omdat het zo gezond is,jonge mensen doen het door een 'smoothie' met yoghurt en fruit. Terwijl het voor ons een heel gewone groente is, grappig!

  3. Goh, leuk om te lezen. Hier is ook een gezondheidsrage. Hier is het vooral broccoli wat heel goed aangeschreven staat. Maar boerenkool en spruitjes ook, maar niet iedereen vind dit lekker.


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