Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The way ahead

These last weeks I made myself busy with creative stuff to take my mind of things.
I made a grape vine wreath from the cuttings of our grape vine, I have been spinning and knitting finger less gloves for Rachel and painting my watercolour cards inspired by cup cakes this time.
I feel good when I am in my creative zone,my thoughts are in the process of making and I don't have to go to places were I don't want to go.

grape vine wreath
But time is ticking away and each day brings me closer to the day I have to go to Christchurch hospital for my cancer check up and now it is only two weeks away.
My scan will be in September, but this is my first appointment after coming home from treatment and I am dreading it. I don't want to go, but I have to go.
Hand spun and hand knitted finger less gloves.
Most days I feel really positive, but some days I am not and I ask myself if I will ever feel really happy again, like before I got this damn disease.
Watercolour cupcake cards
Then I go to my creative place and thank God for giving me this place to escape reality for a while.
Another watercolour cupcake card
My life is sweet,just eat cupcakes. Please don't tell me sugar will make cancer grow, I will still eat my cupcake and knit a little bit more!

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