Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A winter walk

Winter has arrived! This week some very cold nights and the garden icy white in the morning.
This morning no warm water because the temperature in the roof dropped below zero.
Henk went into the roof and covered the pipes with a old winter jacket, I hope this will do the trick for now. Living in the country!
The days are crisp and sunny and a walk on the beach is good for the soul.

Riwaka, view over the inlet
Ollie, our Border collie Labrador cross loves the beach and the water, but more then anything he loves his tennis ball.
Olllie is a quick learner and very active dog,we try to teach him new tricks every week.
He can shake hands, give "high five", roll over on his back and play dead,only for a second!
Ollie can turn round left and right and knows most names of his toys from his toy box.

Rachel and Ollie
Ollie and Rachel are great friends and he will miss her when she goes home on Friday morning after seven weeks of being with me after my treatments. I will miss her too, heaps!
Ollie retrieving his tennis ball

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