Thursday, 13 August 2015

Angels on our way

Sometimes when the going gets tough you need angels on your way to help you through the bad patch.
My angels are my friends and my family, I can't do without them.
Today is a rough day, I have more pain then I had before, my anxiety levels are high and for the first time I needed some anxiety medication to stop the racing thoughts in my head.
I am still waiting for my MRI scan to reveal if the cancer is gone or still there or is spreading somewhere else and on some days I can't handle this very well any more.
I know craft blogs are mostly uplifting and no one wants to read the hard stuff, but it is for now the real stuff in my life.
My angel doll
Every fortnight a small group of creative friends meet together and we have a craft morning, last time I started making this angel doll with Elizabeth.
The doll patterns are designed by her and her friend over many years. I finished the angel doll just before our craft morning today and took it along to show the other women.
I was not in the mood for crafting much and I left a bit earlier.
I came home crying, life seems to hard now.
But my amazing husband was home to comfort me.
The grapevine angel
But I realize that the kindness of my friends this morning are the angels on my path today.
They recycled cans for me to use for my herb plants, made me a coffee, gave me a new pattern to make for another angel doll and gave me a hug and prayed for me.
Thank you God for the angels in my life, I need them so much.

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