Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday sketch

This is the first Sunday I am part of Sunday Sketches, every Sunday I will post a new sketch.
I am part of bluechairdairy/sunday-sketches-pocketful-of-memories and different artists post a sketch each Sunday. Click on the above link to visit Alexandra.
Henk and I went for a picnic today on a winters afternoon near the river and the trees on the waters edge are so bare now. We are approaching mid winter in July.
I made the sketch with pencils of one of the trees in my sketchbook.
The last few nights we had frosts and in the morning our garden is white and the pond is frozen.

Pencil sketch

Our frozen garden
Winter has its own beauty and I have more time to be creative indoors close to the wood fire.


  1. Welcome. I was a newbee just a few weeks back just love this little meme. Your pencil sketch is so nice and I really like the touch of blue. It is a wonderful addition and so creative. I hope you have a nice week and that I will see you again next Sunday. genie

    1. Thank you Genie for your nice comment. I still have so much to learn about blogging, but love posting. So to be part of Sunday Sketches is really new for me and i hope I can meet some like minded arty bloggers.

  2. What a lovely sketch and represents your frozen garden in a wonderful way. So wonderful to have you join us and look forward to seeing more of your art and cozy home. :)


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