Sunday, 17 July 2016

Winter work in the garden and Collage from magazines

Tiger collage  made from pieces of magazine
We had our shortest day and slowly the days are getting a little bit longer.
Again a lot of rain this week and the garden is very soggy with a slippery lawn . 
I had a fall this week, slipping on the wet grass when going down the hill to pick a few mandarins.
Luckily not to sore afterwards,but it was a bit of a fright.
Henk, my husband and daughter Rachel worked the whole weekend in the  bottom part of the garden to make vegetable plots ready for springtime.
It was lovely to see them work together to create and think out a design for this part of the garden.
On Monday I taught an art workshop at Gateway Trust,a drop in center for people with mental health issues and this time we made collages with old magazines. 
First a drawing was done on thicker paper and then small pieces of paper were ripped and glued on the drawing with PVA glue.
I made the collage of the tiger as inspiration for the students.
Olives from the olive tree
I made a small watercolour painting of olives from our olive trees in the garden,most of the olives are dried up now and the birds have eaten the rest,I find it to much work to preserve olives,but I love the olive trees in our garden.

father and daughter having a rest near the pond

Ollie inspecting the workers!

 the chooks want to know what is happening

The end of winters day
It was a productive weekend.

Have a great week ahead, many blessings.


  1. Beautiful work! Glad you weren't hurt when you fell

  2. oh I really love the tiger collage! TIgers are probably my fave animals. Chickens are adorable too :D

    1. Thank you Alicia,our chickens are so curious, I got them from a battery farm and they looked awful in the beginning, but now have real personalities and are a bit bossy!

  3. omigosh! the magazine collage piece is really amazing! love it :)

    1. Thank you, the collage was relaxing to make,bit like doing a puzzle.

  4. I really love thta olive sketch and watercolor! So simple but lovely!

  5. I enjoyed your post very much. Mapua seems like a beautiful place to live. The watercolor of olives is so pretty. Love the colors.

    1. Thank you Barbara, we live in a beautiful part of New Zealand,lost of tourists come and visit. I am very thankful to live here.

  6. great colourful collage :)
    thankfully your fall wasn't too bad


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