Friday, 12 January 2018

Animals and painting

It has been a while since my last blog post.
Christmas and New Year have been and gone and life is settling again after a busy time.
I have plenty of work in my garden after a spell of dry weather and now lots of rain.
The first crop of apples are ready to be picked and made into apple sauce for the winter.
I had time to finish my oil painting The Good Shepherd and the painting is about a shepherd after mustering carrying an exhausted heavy Merino sheep back on his shoulders to the flock.
His sheep dog by his side.

 Also I got my botanical water colour painting printed as cards and I am selling the cards on my New Zealand web Felt shop and in a local shop in Mapua.

 One of my hens got broody and I don't have a rooster, so I bought 6 fertile eggs from a local breeder and 3 of the eggs hatched and now I have little baby chooks, hopefully not all roosters.
 My other chicken feels very lonely now, so she hops on the deck and sits near the window and I am sure she would like to share the dog bed with Ollie if she could.
 Ollie learned to sit in kayak for the first time and is enjoying every moment.
I love all my animals!


  1. Beautful attwork and photos! That lonely chock is so sweet by the window with Ollie! I've seen ducks and dogs as good buddies so no doubt she'd settle with him! So cute!

    Peace Giggles

  2. such a charming painting of the shepherd boy. Your cards look fantastic! Wish I could have chickens-well, actually , would love a farm of animals-but they'd be my pets:):) Lovely shot of Ollie in the kayak. Happy PPF!

  3. Your art work is beautiful! I especially love those bright and pretty flowers :) Happy PPF!

  4. The shepherd gorgeous! I love the richness of the color you get with oil. Happy PPF

  5. I bow to your expertise! Wow! Love your work!

  6. A lovely post with wonderful art. I love your chicken story and the photos.

  7. Beautiful work, cute kayak dog!

  8. Those. Flower cards look beautiful! I love the painting of the shepherd...I love to see people with animals in art! I had 5 bantams and a colli when I lived in Auckland in the 80s!,zw,ze. xdedr cr


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