Friday, 23 March 2018

Bees wax candles and summer sketches

Designing and the first drawings for the candle labels
The Summer has turned into Autumn and the mornings are getting chilly with a real Autumn feel in the air. The evenings are cooling down and tonight I have lit the fire for the first time.
Only a few weeks ago it was really hot and I went for a  last swim in the sea. 
I like to take my sketch book when we go for a picnic at the beach and my sketches are an impression of the time spend at the beach or Summer activities.
The sketches are by no means totally accurate, but for me they brings back the feeling I had when I did the sketch; how windy it was or how hot the sun felt, the smell of the sea or the noise of the waves. More then any photograph taken a sketch tells a better story of the moment I was there.

I am making scented beeswax coconut oil candles and like to sell the candles soon on markets and my Felt shop and also in the new shop Honey and Cacao in Arrowtown, a new business for my son Paul and daughter in law Emma.
I am designing and drawing a label for the candles and working on a hexagon with bees all around, I started this afternoon with the drawings. 
The candle burns very well and doesn't tunnel at all, my test candle has now burned over 14 hours and is still going.
It is nice to be inside with the fire going and my art stuff all over the dining table and some quiet time for me.

Beeswax Coconut candle burning well

Sketches of shells at the beach

Sketches of strawberry picking and landscape

Sketches of flax and stones

Sketches of a day at the beach


  1. Lovely sketches and I love the thought of bee-wax candles. I did make some many years ago and they gave such a lovely smell in the house.

  2. You evidently have a bunch of talent in there, girl. And, it transfers to paper very nicely. Great job.

  3. such lovely sketches-which have me longing for the beach.... although it's Spring here officially we got a foot of snow dumped on us a few days ago:( I bet your candles are wonderful. Happy PPF!

  4. What lovely candles and art. We should be in sprint time now but the winter is holding strong.

  5. What charming sketches! I LOVE your talented you are.

  6. How cozy you sound with the candle, your art and the fire going!
    ~~ Irene

  7. Your sketches are beautiful and real. Blessings, Janet


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