Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Birds nests

In Spring when I was working in the vineyard,sadly we had to remove the bird nests out of the vines.
 Of course I had to take a few home and the eggs and nests preserved really well.
The only thing I did was using a hairspray to keep all the straw together.
A few weeks ago I found some old picture frames with glass at the Sallies for a few dollars and decided to paint a picture of the birds nests in Shabby chic style.
I distressed and crackled the frame and let some of the colours of the frame come back in the back ground of the painting and in the eggs.

Finished painting
Details of the nest

The under painting

I found a dried up rose and I liked to put something of the end of the summer into the picture as well, so the image of the rose went into the bottom corner of the painting.
All the beginnings will end in time and then start again, the circle of life.


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    1. Thank you Lisa, I am still learning about blogging, I try and maybe I need your help.
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